Christov-Bakargiev (Curationism: How Curating Took Over the Art World and Everything Else)

"We now live in a society where everyone [fears] they're the same, so they want to specify and differentiate. My playlist is different from your playlist; my Facebook page is different from your Facebook page. It's a sense of anxiety, where you think you don't exist if you're not different from everybody else. You can't be part of the multitude. Whereas at the time fo [Thomas] Hobbes, it was the opposite. you can't be part of the country, the community, the society, unless you become the same, because you are born different, specific, unique."

"Now we're all the fucking same. We have the same iPods, the same airports. And in order for the political system to work, everybody has to be driven by that drive [to be different]. If they don't do that, their energy will explode into a Third World War. "

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