You've probably all heard the quote that we meet people for a reason, they're either a lesson or a blessing. I have learnt that most of the time, they are both.

1. The First Love and/or Love Of Your Life
This person teaches you more about love than anyone else in your life. They were your first everything, and at the time you imagined they would be your last as well. The world began and ended with their presence, and you never imagined they would cease to be there. But as it does, life started to happen. As insane as the love was, you were bound to grow up, and grow apart. The ending hurt like hell, but you'll never have lived without having your heart broken.

The Lesson: Just one? No way. This experience teaches you what love feels like, what passion is, what desire is fueled by. It is your introduction into the world of love.

2. The Rebound 
This guy makes his appearance after your relationship with The First Love ends. You thought there was no way to ever be whole again, and promised yourself to never be vulnerable to another person again. But this guy is there to help you realize that healing does happen and it is possible to have feelings for another person again.

The Lesson: You will meet many people in your life, and having chemistry with another person can be frequent, but being in a relationship takes effort, and is a choice that you must make.

3. The Nice Guy
You know this person is everything you should want. He respects you and treats you right. He's the shoulder to lean on, the person who understands and listens to you. You like him, maybe even love him, but that spark just isn't there.

The Lesson: Your initial instinct about your feelings is usually right, and loving someone cannot be forced.

4. The All-Consuming Asshole
This sneaky guy can show up at any point in life, and when he does, thoughts of him will consume you. You'll be so engulfed in what you think you have together that you refuse to see what everyone else sees: that he is an arrogant ass and will never treat you right. At first you won't see this for yourself, but you'll eventually come around and realize.

The Lesson: Don't ignore your friends' warnings. Just don't. It'll save you a lot of time and hurt in the end.

5. The College Boyfriend
This is the first time in your life that you have a relationship and don't have parents around to dictate it. "You mean I can sleep at his place? And not have to fear anyone coming home?" This is the relationship that you think you have all under control. But during this time, you and he both will need to establish yourselves individually -- and somethings you must do alone. And because you suddenly deal with more grownup problems in a real relationship, it hits all the harder when it comes crashing down around you. At that moment, being away from your parents isn't a freedom but a burden because now you need them to help you pick up the pieces.

The Lesson: Making all your own decisions about a relationship and the pace at which it moves may sound exciting, but it's a lot of responsibility. Also, you'll always be that little girl who wants her mommy when her heart is broken.

We never know we are encountering these lessons until after the fact, when the damage has been done. Now there is no knowing of the future and what lessons you will have to go through. Life is incomplete without suffering, and life is even more so incomplete without love.

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